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    We've combined our classic games 'Number Slam' and 'Letter Slam' into a single more feature rich game for everyone to enjoy.

    This casual button bashing game is perfect to pass a few minutes as you try to beat your high scores.

    With four tile sets [Numbers, Letters, Periodic Elements and Greek Letters] each of which has four different colour backgrounds [Red, Orange, Blue and Green] you have 16 different tile sets to match your mood as you play.

    Sequential - Simply hit the tiles in order... are you quick enough to get a sub 6 second time?

    Random Order - Mixes up the first 25 elements in the grid to make it slightly trickier.

    1, 2, miss a few... - for the adventurous, this mode skips a few of the elements and displays them in random order, harder than Random Order, but just as fun!

    To add a bit more interest into the game, switch from forwards to reverse and see how that effects your times.

    This game is currently ad supported. Please send any comments or suggestions on the game to and we will try to respond as soon as possible.