Sleepy-animals (Sleepy Dog, Sleepy Cat,Sleepy Alpaca, Sleepy Rabbit...) is a fantastic game and widget.
    They are always sleepy and so-called "Siesta chara".
    After setup Digital Clock widget on your device, the actions and pictures of the widget are changed one by one if you win the game. You can get e-mail parts as well. The character contents will be collected on your Collection List.

    Free version : You can get just 4 collections.
    (Full version : You can get 20 collections if you install Full version.)

    (How to setup Widget)
    This is a clock widget of "Siesta chara(Sleepy Animals)", a popular character in Japan.
    As you keep tapping on HOME screen for a while, you can find "Add to Home screen" and select "Widget".
    Please click "Siesta chara DigitalClock". Cute digital clock will be shown on your Home screen!
    If you tap the widget, the game is opened.

    (How to Play)
    "Siesta chara" means Sleepy-animals.
    You can get several cute character contents after playing the 1-2-3(Acchi Muite Hoi!) Game.
    As starting 1-2-3 Game, you move the finger in front of Alpaca's face.
    You WIN in case that Alpaca look at the same way you move. You can get a new character picture on the Widget (Additional Widget action and picture are shown one by one)and e-mail parts.

    (What's "Collection")
    (1)Widget Colletion
    Add a new character picture and action on the Digital Clock Widget one by one after winning each Game.
    (2)E-mail parts collection
    You can get a character picture which is attached to email after winning each Game.

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