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    "Fruit Ninja" is a simple casual game. Only one objective - cut fruit! Will continue to pop up on the screen a variety of fruit - watermelon, pineapple, kiwi, strawberries, bananas, pomegranates, star fruit, apple, dragon fruit, etc., but also in fruit drop quickly before all the cut! Do not cut to the bomb! Otherwise, the game is over.
    There is still time mode, no bombs, depends on the player's skill, timing 60 seconds. Have a chance from the left side of the screen pop novelty fruit.
    The single-player game Fruit Ninja There are currently three different modes for players to choose, along with constantly updated version may also introduce more models.
    (Classic mode): Icon for the watermelon classic mode, it will come and fruits and bombs, time indefinite. There are three fruit because there is no chance of cutting into the mistakes, but as long as all the bombs to the game will end immediately. Each accumulated to 100 points will automatically replenish the lost opportunities once before. This mode will randomly appear pomegranate (even cut to extra points, score high or low, depending on the speed of the players cut), dragon fruit (cut could +50 points) and carambola (cut +150; 175; 200 points, and low scores random).
    (Zen mode): Icon for Apple's Zen mode, only the emerging fruit, the time for a minute and a half.
    (Arcade Mode): Icon for the banana arcade mode is the latest in a pattern, the pattern is one of the largest mode. In this mode will also appear fruits and bombs, time is 1 minute. So special is that the purpose of this mode is the same as Zen mode to get more points, but hit a bomb does not lead to the end of the game but will be reduced by 10 points. In addition to this mode, there are three special bananas - blue + white frozen bananas can make time pause and dramatically slow the fruit and make time to stop flying speed; blue + yellow double banana can make a short cut out scores doubled; rather fanatical red + yellow banana can make a lot of fruit fly out from the sides of the screen constantly. How to make good use of these three special banana is the key to the game. In addition, this mode can be obtained when the batter enough times to attack points. And in the end there are bonus points.
    Version 1.71 update available in Classic mode, arcade mode appended to the end of pomegranates in the time runs out or the game randomly, pomegranates once cut is not bad, then you can cut several times to earn more points. Forty-five very fast chips can be drawn.

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