It is a simple 12 tests game of reflexes and precision, starring by a likeable character.
    Are you the fastest in the world, of your friends?. You can check it with Google Play Games.

    Will you reach the impossible 1000 points?

    Complete the Challenge and get till 6000 points.


    Smarty appears : Touch the screen when Smarty appears. Don't anticipate.
    Good Smarty, Bad Smarty : Touch the correct Smarty.
    Give a candy to Smarty : First touch the candy and then touch Smarty.
    Smarty is cold: Touch the screen when shivers. Don´t anticipate.
    Smarty the teacher : Select the correct operation.
    Smarty just waits for 5 seconds : Calculate exactly 5 seconds since Smarty appears. Your time will be the difference, positive or negative relative to 5 seconds.
    Smarty finds the shape : Select the resulting shape of the operation.
    Smarty and the correct word : Tap the well written word.
    Smarty can write : Type the word that you will find.
    The color of Smarty: Touch the word that indicates the color of Smarty.
    Smarty and the sorted numbers: Touch the numbers sorted from minor to major or major to minor.
    Smarty and the secret combination: Touch the numbers add up exactly the secret number. You have to touch more than one number.

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