Snake Bubbline




    For the first time on the Market the game that unites popular Classic Snake and Color Lines.
    Pretty design, comfortable interface and different bonuses won’t bore you!

    You should collect points by picking color bubbles appearing on the game field. Different colors have different cost. The final of the game comes when the Bubbline bites itself. Looks like Classic Snake? Nope! If Bubbline picks three same colors in succession it shortens, thus freeing the space for following maneuver and multiplying the quantity of points.
    In addition there is spectrum-bonus that fits any color.

    By default Bubbline gets 3 lifes (3 silver bubbles). But be careful! Black bubbles on the way are dangerous – every black bubble kill one life.
    But no worry - you can heal the Bubbline and increase new lifes by picking silver bubbles on the field.

    The speed of the Bubbline depends on quantity of earned points.

    Controlling of the game is quite easy – you just need to set the direction of the Bubbline drawing by your finger in any area of the screen.
    No worry about borders - the game field is cyclic!

    Bubbline includes OpenFeint system. Now you can submit your high scores on the web and organize competitions with your friends. Choosing the right tactics in combination with manual dexterity will bring you good result and you will be the champion of the Bubbline!

    Points guide:

    - Green bubble 1 point
    - Blue bubble 3 points
    - Aqua bubble 5 points
    - Purple bubble 10 points
    - Red bubble 25 points
    - Orange bubble 50 points
    - Gold bubble 75 points
    - Black bubble minus 100 points, minus one life
    - Silver bubble 0 points, adds one life
    - Spectrum bubble 0 points, fits any pair of color bubbles to combine the triplet

    Lifetime of the bubbles on the field:

    - Common color bubbles are constant
    - Black bubble 1 minute
    - Silver bubble 30 seconds
    - Spectrum bonus 30 seconds


    - Simple usable interface
    - Comfortable controlling
    - OpenFeint social network access
    - High scores saving

    The free version of the game Bubbline includes banner advertising.
    Soon! Watch the Bubble Ultimate release that free of ads.
    Bubbline Ultimate will include extra features and bonuses.
    Transformer that turns all the black bubbles into colors.
    Eliminator that randomly moves off equal color bubbles from the Bubbline
    In addition Bubbline Ultimate provides achievement awards!
    and other features.

    Enjoy playing Bubbline from Expedition107
    and good luck!

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