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    Published: 2011-11-07, by Peter Warrior.

    A pretty update of a classic game

    • An updated classic
    • Number of levels
    • Doesn't make any significant contribution

    "Snake's back and it gets out in the world!"

    We've talked so much times about the old times when we spent hours playing Nokia's Snake on a monochrome screen with our heads put under the covers. It wasn't strange to get asleep and dream of snakes the same way that years before we saw falling Tetris pieces every time we shut our eyes on bed.

    This isn't the first nor will be the last time that Snake is brought to a mobile platform. In fact, it has to be the umpteenth time that a Snake game is released for Android. On the other hand, Snake World has caught our eye because it's very promising.

    We wouldn't like to create an expectation amongst users that weren't keen on Snake before. Snake World introduces new features such as speed and length items and comes with a bunch of levels. Levels are themed into worlds (classic, ice land, prehistoric...), hence the name of the game. Nevertheless, graphics and sound are equivalent to an actualized version of Nokia's. They're in color, of course, but aren't outstanding. There's no music and sound effects are as poor as they were at the time. Snake's World is a classic updated, not a classic reinvented.

    In short, if you have smiled or at least nodded at the first paragraph of this review, try Snake World. If you never had patience to see how long a snake's able to grow, there are faster and more spectacular casual games out there.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Nov 07, 2011


    Snake world presents 9 incredible worlds for you to have fun

    • Classic: Hometown of the traditional snakes, a peaceful world without great danger
    • Ice Land: Snake that lives in a glacial world, the furthest world of the sun, it is used to moving on the slippery ice
    • Fire temple: in a planet close to the sun there are temples that produce flames which come from the center of the Earth
    • City: Concrete world led by the machines that move without resting
    • Thunder Strike: Pre- historic world shaken by the climatic disasters
    • Forest: world full of vast forests that hide treasures and dangers
    • Cemetery : world where you can find the legendary elders' tombs, where their spirits still wander without resting
    • Wall of death: dead-end cavern with mortal traps, any neglect may be lethal
    • Meteor shower: the universe brings dangerous surprises in the crossing among the worlds

    Items: The first version of Snake World has 11 different items.

    • Normal Item: Increases the Snake size in a bud
    • Item "increase 3": it increases the Snake size in three buds
    • Item "increase 5": it increases the Snake size in five buds
    • Item "decrease 3": it decreases the Snake size in three buds
    • Item " decrease 6": it decreases the Snake size in six buds
    • Item "decrease 12": it decreases the Snake size in twelve buds
    • Item "twice the number of points": you win twice the number of traditional points
    • Item "three times the number of points": you win three times the number of traditional points
    • Item " Death": you lose the game
    • Item " increase the speed": it increases the speed of Snake
    • Item" decrease the speed": it decreases the speed of Snake

    Challenge mode:

    • Do you like challenges? Do you think you are prepared? Do you consider yourself good at Snake? Did you master all the worlds? How far will you be able to go in this challenge?


    Snake World has incredible graphics in High Resolution, which can be played either through Smartphones or through Tablets

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