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    ****English, and Spanish versions available!****

    Manipulate gravity to create planets and keep them alive, then lead them to steal resources and start wars between each other in the ultimate solar system sandbox on Android.

    Solar Forge is the first of it's kind on android. It's a a solar system sandbox game with surreal and endless gameplay. You take complete control over your solar system. You can choose what planets go to war. If you want a certain planet to win you use your gravity well to slam asteroids into either the enemy planet, or it's ships. You can also make planets collect resources to keep the population thriving.

    Solar Forge features great gameplay and hours of fun. It also has plenty of other features to keep the player happy for hours.

    Key Features:
    - Planet creation system
    - Resource usage system
    - Resource collecting system
    - Planetary space war
    - Rename planets
    - Planetary intelligence
    - Binary Systems
    - Multiple types of suns
    - Multiple backgrounds
    - Saving/Loading
    - Endless gameplay
    Recommended Requirements: We recommend that your phone have a 1ghz duel core, and 1gb of ram, or more.

    Minimum Requirements: Minimum requirements for this game are that your phone has AT LEAST a 1ghz single core processor, and 500mb of ram. Anything less and the game will lag, and possibly not play.

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