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    Today you got a world super star in your Star makeover Spa Salon, Maia Mitchel just walked in and she wants a star Spa Salon treatment, a full makeover and the finishing touch a dressup from you! So get her in your spa chair and get the work started. First you need to give her a spa salon treatment, Maia is in need of some facial pampering, the hard work of being a super star shows on her face. Put some of your special star Spa Salon ointments on her face. Wash her face and gently remove the pimples on her face. After your world famous spa treatment you need to remove some of the hairs of her eyebrows to get them back in model again. Once you have finished the spa star salon treatment, you put her in your hair salon chair and start to work on her hair makeup and the finishing touch help her out with the right dress, earrings and necklace for the rest of the day.

    This free Star Salon dressup makeover game for girls has seven different make up categories to choose from, every girl game categories has different fashion styles.
    ★ Hairstyles – A real Fashion icon like Maia Mitchel needs your most beautiful hear cut give her the best star salon has to offer!
    ★ Contact lenses – Pick out her natural colour or the colour that you like but make her shine as a star
    ★ Mascara – More than enough to choose from test out the best mascara for Maia
    ★Eyeliner – To make her even more beautiful pick out an nice eyeliner
    ★ Eyeshade – Bring out those puppy eyes and apply the nicest and best eyeshade in the makeover salon
    ★ Blush – Put some blush on her cheeks will give her a healthy look and will make her look like a princess.
    ★ Lipstick – The finishing touch in the makeup salon can you find the right colour that makes her look perfect and not like a Barbie doll!

    When you have made Maiabeautiful it’s time to perform the dress up on our fashion icon. Girls love to dress up, so let’s see your dress up skills in this free fashion dress up!

    ★ Dressup clothing – Maia really is happy to fit on the dress that you have picked out for her!
    ★Earrings – You got some shining beautiful earrings for Vanessa, put the bling in her ears and see for yourself
    ★Necklaces – Every star loves his bling also Maia is wondering witch necklace she will get from you

    Choose a background in this fun girl game and you’re done! We hope you will enjoy our free fashion girl game, and we hope you give us the love by likening our Facebook page or follow us on twitter. So we can keep you up to date on our fashion games, girl games and more!

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