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    "Spin It" is the modern version of the star game of house parties, the classical "spin the bottle" game.

    This LITE version is limited to 8 spins per game in the first 7 days.

    8 players the most, 3 modes, around 150 questions and 100 tasks (in the PRO version) to have a really spinning party.

    In the full version (Spin It! HD - Pro) the number of questions and tasks are continously increasing.

    You may start the game by pressing the start button. After selecting the mode you may determin the number of players and take pictures of the them if you like.

    Simple mode:
    After spinning the bottle, the player it points to has to answer a question (truth) or perform a task (dare) which you come up with. Next you only need to select okey or dropped out.

    Classic mode:
    After spinning the bottle, the player it points to may decide between truth or dare. If the player chooses to answer a question but the answer is not satisfactory he/she can still fix it by doing the dare. If the player does not perform dare he/she droppes out.

    Penalty mode:
    Before you start the game you need to decide on the penalty one gets if he/she does not answer the question or performs the dare. If the player's answer is not satisfactory or he/she does not perform the dare the player may avoid dropping out by performing the penalty.

    The game was made using AndEngine from

    Hungarian version is coming soon!
    Magyar változata hamarosan elérhető!

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