Spin Those Platters!

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    Plate spinning game, Spin Those Platters!, is now available from Patrick H. McGaughey of and the popular game development studio, Seltice Systems LLC.

    Spin plates and keep them from falling, just like the age-old side show act performed everywhere from the circus, to the stage, to late night tv! Become a master of the spinning plates by wiggling your finger over a plate pole to keep it spinning faster, but don't over-spin the plate or it will fall. Neglect a plate.... and it goes down!

    Watch Pat as he guides you to the next falling plate, and as you approach your previous high score, the audience gets happier and happier!

    This full version of Spin Those Platters has Kid Mode with no score or game over, Normal mode where your game is over after the 3rd plate stops spinning and falls, and Expert mode where you can't drop any spinning plates.

    Have fun and don't forget to leave a rating and a comment!