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    Published: 2014-02-10, by .

    Squash everyone's favorite pixel-bird in his very own pipes

    • Take out your frustration against the bird without cracking your screen
    • Boss bird is big
    • Just a novelty app

    "Bye-bye Birdie"

    If you fall within the demographic that has played Flappy Bird for more than 30 seconds without promptly deleting the app, then you're probably just the right crowd for Ultimate Games' Squishy Bird app. Take out your frustrations by smashing as many pixel-birds as possible before one evades your vengeful pipes.

    The birds will stream across the screen forever; tap to bring the pipes of wrath down on they lil' skulls and rack up the points. Every so often a mega-pixel-bird will flap past. SPOILER: the secret to defeat it is to hit it a whole bunch. Miss a birdy and you're through.

    There's nothing scintillating about the gameplay. It's unquestionably easier than Flappy Bird. That's probably for the best.

    Ultimate Games' Squishy Bird is a goofy novelty app for sure, good for a giggle and little more.

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    by Janel , Appszoom

    Feb 10, 2014


    v1.0.4: Want more challenge? Boss added ! Warning: Boss HP increase time by time !!!!!!!

    Did the bird in Flappy Bird make you angry, crazy and stressed? Here is the chance to revenge, tap to smash these squishy birds into paper with our magic mario pipe. Do not make them pass or your game will be over.

    Made for Flappy Bird hater and help them relax after frustrating with Flappy Bird. Have good time with this simple game.

    This is an experiment to test how fast you can make an app with Gideros Mobile, just finish this in just 3 hours. Visit us at

    If you like this funny anti flappy bird game, rate it so I can make it available in iOS too.

    v1.0.2: Update gameplay, more challenge more fun
    v1.0.1: Improve difficulty

    Keyword: flappy bird, squishy bird, fappy bird, angry, stress, relax, tap.

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