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    Published: 2013-07-11, by .

    Aim accurately and destroy the biggest part of the star

    • Fun game, challenging and addictive
    • Curious, not entirely original but fresh

    "The Vanishing"

    StarVanisher...!! is a explosive game where you need to get rid of the stars by being accurate. This is a really interesting game with some curious features and an addictive gameplay.

    In every task, you'll have the minimum percentage you need to continue, choose the right moment and you'll have the overlapping part being blown away. Take into account that if you achieve a perfect shot, the energy will increase and your score will be doubled in the next level. Star Vanisher is a particularly enjoyable game with a curious objective and an engaging gameplay in which aiming and accuracy are the most important skills you must have.

    あくのそしき is the developer of StarVanisher, a great discovery with powerful graphics and animations, a game to keep in mind that will surprise many users.

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    Jul 11, 2013


    The new [DEADEND MODE] has been implemented!!!!
    New STAGE! & New SKILL! EXTRA version!!

    Blow away the star with your energy beam!!!

    How to play
    -Fire your beam by tapping the screen!
    -The part of the star overlapping with the target will be blown away
    -High score for the accurate shot!

    Bonus for the perfect shot?
    Your energy will become【SUPER BEAM】for the next stage and the score will double!

    Earn experience points for level up!
    【PWR】can be used to continue!
    Level up more to enable【FINAL BEAM】

    Dedicated to Dragon Ball fans! (o゚Д゚)r‥‥…━━━━━


    World Ranking Challenge!

    - Acquire high ranking admission ticket by achieving high score.
    - All seven kinds of authorized ranks! Aim for the legendary phoenix rank!
    - The authorized ranks you’ve acquired can be shared to LINE, Twitter or Facebook from the application!

    Challenge Events!

    - Master all events!
    - Push notification for limited event news!

    Deliberative and Exciting action!

    - Recommended for shogi, chess, Igo, mah-jongg, Reversi, go fish, blackjack and other board games!
    - Recommended for the fans of real games like casino, horse race, stock market!

    Recommended for Those

    - Who are sick of boring and stupid stick person games.
    - Who are horrible at difficult puzzles and escape the room games.
    - Who failed crosswords and minesweeper.
    - Who aren’t good at online games.
    - Who love manga and animation and have a lot of imaginations.
    - Who are looking for funny topic to talk about for chat or fortunetelling.
    - Who aren’t satisfied by horror movies or soap operas.
    - Girls who love stickers and discount coupons.
    - Who likes to share interesting screenshots of games and pictures from smartphone cameras.
    - Who aren’t satisfied by photo hunt or card games.

    Easy to Play

    - While waiting for taxi, at the restaurant or karaoke.
    - On the trains, buses, airplanes and transit when travelling.
    - While enjoying snacks, desserts, or any food.
    - To refresh from driving a car for sightseeing with a map or getting tired from car navigation.

    Other Features

    - Easy and simple. Fun way to kill time!
    - Your favorite music can be set as BGM to play the game!
    - Ideal for events like Halloween and Christmas!
    - Mental training for kids who likes cute cats and picture books!
    - Enjoyable for lovers and as a party game for birthdays and New Year!
    - Good for New Year card and business talk topic when exchanging business cards!
    - Presents happy recopies for all users!



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