Star War




    This is a classic barrage shooting game.

    In 2046, the predators from the planet Cybertron eyeing the beautiful and rich earth!
    The evil commander sent the locust-like warplanes attacked the Earth's major cities.
    In order to protect the Blue planet, the Earth Alliance is unprecedented unity, Noah's Ark transformed into the strongest fighters "Thunderfury"!
    The high-tech equipment to mix and match, allowing you to create only their own lightning fighter!

    Can you master the awesome power of the Force on your quest to save the Earth?
    Or will you fall to the lure of the daark side?
    Hero or villain, savior or conqueror…you must choose wisely as you alone will determine the destiny of the entire galaxy!

    ★ Game Features ★

    - The obstacles, challenge the limits, Raytheon barriers,Rockets, Missiles, Blazing Angels Wings, Troy, armor, ax, Athena and other high-tech equipment
    - Rhythmic Music and Realistic Sound
    - Numerous Upgrades and Special Weapons and Props
    - Most courageous hero, the most exciting air combat, the most tragic epic catastrophe to defend the homeland, to experience hope in despair, masterpiece classic, not to be missed.
    - Multi-touch control,App2SD support
    - Global ranking/Scoreloop

    If you like games like Raiden, DoDonPachi, Sky Force, Air Attack, this game is for you.

    ★ How to play ★

    - Movement:
    Swipe the screen in the direction you wish to fly.

    - Weapons & Firing:
    Tap the screen quickly in the direction you wish to fire.
    Weapon upgrades may appear throughout the level.
    Rockets and Missiles can be 'locked' onto an enemy.

    - Levels:
    Levels unlock when the previous level is completed.

    - Scoring
    Points are awarded for enemies destroyed.
    Additional points are displayed in orange and are awarded when no shots have been missed between enemy kills.
    The point bonus grows with each enemy destroyed but resets to 0 when a shot misses completely.
    Combo points are displayed in green and are awarded when multiple enemies are killed with a single shot.

    star war, raiden, DoDonPachi ,Sky Force, Air Attack

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