Stars Go Out




    One day, I looked up at the sky, and all the stars had gone out. "Grandma," I said, "where have all the stars gone?"

    "They've gone out, dear," she said. "Perhaps we should try to make some more."

    So grandma took out her old rocketship and we set off to fill the sky with stars.

    Tap the glowing blobs to collect them. Swipe to look around. Press the buttons when they appear and try to fill up the sky with stars! Stars will be remembered each time you play, so if you keep trying you will have a sky full of stars in no time at all. NEW: try to find special stars! They're hidden inside some glowing blobs, and they have a story to tell.

    This game is casual and stress-free, and free to play. Play and stop at any time you like.

    Featuring a soundtrack by Zhou Shan.