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    Will you be a space trader, a bounty hunter, or a pirate? A hero, a villain, or a nobody? The choice is yours in Starskua Galaxy, the scifi space simulation game of trading and combat, inspired by the original space trader game, Elite.

    Take command of your Starskua spaceship and plot your course across the galaxy, flying from planet to planet, as you trek towards the next frontier on a scifi quest to build your fortune and your legend status in this space sim.

    Will you take the safe option and trade cargo between trouble-free planets, or will you go for the bigger profits by being a trader in the more dangerous space lanes? Your strategy will be crucial if you wish to survive in this game.

    If space trading doesn't give you the thrill that you want, charge up your defensive shields and get ready for danger. Will you earn your living taking on space pirates as a bounty hunter, or will you drift to the wrong side of the law, robbing innocent traders of their cargo as a pirate yourself, or trading illegal goods as a smuggler? Just be careful you don't end up with a criminal record, a bounty on your head, and the galactic police gunning for you.

    Starskua Galaxy features turn-based strategy combat, making it accessible to even the most casual space combat fans. Be warned though, if you choose to be a fighter, you'd better be good at making money from it, as repairing a laser damaged, battle scarred starship can be costly.

    If you remember Elite, the classic, original space trader game from the early 1980's, then you may experience a sense of retro gaming nostalgia as you travel between the many planets in the galaxy, looking for fame, fortune, and adventure.

    So, space trader, space pirate, or bounty hunter... the choice is yours with Starskua Galaxy, the scifi space simulation game.

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