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    Statue Of Liberty Full

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    The full version of the Statue of Liberty which includes a biplane that you can fly around the Statue of Liberty.

    The Statue of Liberty is set in the 1930's and you can walk through many parts of the statue including the crown, pedestal and the torch.

    Board a biplane and fly around the Statue of Liberty.

    The Statue of Liberty also includes a game where a terrorist has left a bomb somewhere around the Statue of Liberty and is about to go off. Can you find it and disarm it before its too late?

    Statue of Liberty is also integrated with Google Maps. When you click on the map you can also see where you in Google Maps via satellite.
    To move forward you can use the circle and ball on the touch screen.

    If you are using Google TV move using the DPAD on your remote control. You can also use the keys:

    'H' key for help
    'M' key for the map
    'G' key to play the game where you search for a bomb
    'F' key to fly
    'D' key to change between night and day

    This is the full version. To play the free version without a biplane checkout: