StreetCred is a social gaming platform built exclusively for Near Field Communication (NFC) capable devices and implements Facebook's SSO technology. Taking online social gaming to the streets with physical interactions, StreetCred allows you to give shoutouts to real people who deserve your respect. Someone did you a favor? Shout them out as a token of appreciation. As with any well respected person, their recognition comes with greater influence. So as you build your streetcred, the worth of your shoutouts to others will increase.

    "You can finally brag about owning an NFC phone! - Editor's Pick from"

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    Prerequisite: You will need Facebook's App on your android device because StreetCred integrates with Facebook's SSO technology.

    To play, you can give shoutouts to family, friends, or even strangers on the street if they did you a favor. If they have an NFC compatible device, just Beam them while logged in to your StreetCred, it will open up the Google Play Store download page for them if they don't already have StreetCred.

    Touch the dap animation when you want to give a shoutout and initiate Android Beam by putting the devices together. The person receiving streetcred doesn't need to open this app as long as the person giving the shoutout has it opened in "Making a Shoutout" mode. Your shoutouts count will increment, while the other person will receive streetcred. As you build higher streetcreds, the shoutouts you give will be worth more creds accordingly.

    Just met someone cool, but just can't seem to search for each other's facebook profile? Search results show hundreds of name matches, and even searching by email can't seem to work... must be something to do with the privacy settings?

    Wonder no more. Make a shoutout on StreetCred through NFC! You will instantly be on each other's streetcred record! From the History view just click and it magically brings you to their facebook profile!

    StreetCred is designed to take online gaming to the physical level. To play you will need to interact with real people through NFC technology. Future improvements could include location based features and sponsors who recognize the value of your streetcred.

    Oh, and btw, did we mention StreetCred is completely ad-free?

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