Sweet Cookie Maker Kids Food




    Welcome to the sweet world of candy and biscuit! The new game Cookie Maker brings you crazy fun with chocolate and fruit. Little kids and teens will enjoy playing this party game. Serve biscuits with ice cream, cake and other toppings in your new dessert restaurant and don’t forget the milk!

    Rather than buying cookies at the supermarket you can make them yourself with care. Enjoy the biscuit with milk and chocolate cake. Design different types of sweet candy with coloring in your cookie salon. Chocolate, strawberry, bubble gum, caramel, peanut, there are so many flavors to choose from and each one tells a different story! Have a little party right at home with the Cookie Maker and Soda Maker. Enjoy cookies after the BBQ.

    If you like games such as Candy or Soda Maker then you will also enjoy this app. It is a sweet adventure for little kids and teens. Your ice cream salon will be next to a BBQ restaurant where everyone will come to party. Get ingredients from the supermarket and begin creating wonderful designs in biscuit, cake and candy form. Take care while cooking the sweet chocolate biscuit and add bubble gum coloring on top. Don’t be afraid to go a little crazy with the combinations.

    -Create different kinds of cookies, biscuits and sweet treats.
    -Add chocolate, candy, fruits and coloring in your design.
    -Serve the desserts to little kids and teens.
    -Take a picture to share your story with friends.

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