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    This is a different take on Dots Game which can prove out to be more interesting.

    Swipe Off is a game about connecting moving Dots. Here the dots will be moving and you have to Connect the dots of same color. Different from the other dots Games, it has a unique feature of moving dots which makes the task of Connecting dots more funny. You have many power ups which will be embedded in the Dots like Bomb (If you connect Dots in which one dot is a bomb dot, all the dots of the same color pops out), Ice (makes the Dots Stationary), Multicolor (allows to connect a Dot with Dots of any color)

    It is common now a days that the amount of stress each person experiences per day is very high. Playing this game helps in relieving stress and is such an awesome stress buster.
    (The reviews we got prove the stress busting capabilities of our app).
    In short, this is a simple stress buster game which can also prove out to be high scoring game.

    Connect more dots to get more points. Connect 2 dots to get 1 point, 3 dots to get 2 points, 4 dots to get 4 points, 5 dots to get 8 points, 6 dots to get 16 points.

    Swipe off is indeed a Casual Addictive Android game of Connecting Dots
    Immerse in a brand new gaming experience making use of the entire screen area.
    You get to unlock cool features like bomb, freeze, time and a lot more after signing in with Google account.
    What are you waiting for, start swiping them off right away! :D
    Continue your game on another device from where you stopped by signing in with the same Google account.

    Are you bored with your day to day work?
    Are you waiting in a long queue no idea what to do?
    Stuck up in Ads between your favorite TV Show?
    Waiting in a restaurant for food?

    Just give this one a try.

    Swipe Off is an evolved concept of bubbles popping with a chain reaction. The game might look very easy in the beginning but will result to a better logical and challenging gameplay towards the middle. There are lot of multipliers and perks awaiting you throughout the game.
    This is one of the best among the simple casual games out there in the market.
    (Check out the reviews if you don't believe us ;) )

    GOOGLE+ is used only for signing in and enabling Google Play Game Services and we DON"T POST ANYTHING UNLESS YOU DO IT YOURSELF.

    The different perks you might UnLock in the Game are

    1. Bomb
    If you connect a bomb then all bubbles of the same color explode.

    2. Freeze
    If you connect freeze bubble the bubbles will go motionless so its easy to capture

    3. Multicolor
    Can be used to connect to all the colors.

    There are DIFFERENT OTHER PERKS which will come during game play but we sharing it here will spoil the fun.
    There are already 200 players online who are playing this right now.
    Why wait?
    Start swiping, You will love it!

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    The whole game is now available offline, that is, you needn't sign in with a Google account to unlock Multipliers and Levels.
    But if you want to get listed in the Leaderboards(that is the fun part) and view all achievements, you've to sign in.
    Do sign in, we're sure you won't regret it.

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    Users comments


    by riddicksraven

    Sep 25, 2016  |  "Great"

    It's a fun time killer. But you can get aggravated at the same time

    Leatrice Simpson

    by Leatrice Simpson

    Sep 15, 2016  |  "Awesome"

    Mesmerizing! Captivating! Exciting! LOVE IT!

    Bev Ramsay

    by Bev Ramsay

    Jan 30, 2016  |  "Awesome"

    Great fun

    Daisy Lozada

    by Daisy Lozada

    Oct 25, 2015  |  "Great"

    Good for hand-eye coordination practice. And split decision making. You really can challenge yourself with this game.

    Lynda Sharp

    by Lynda Sharp

    Oct 07, 2015  |  "Awesome"

    Chasing moving spots against the clock attempting higher scores is good for concentration, coordination and useful for whenever waiting transport, appointment and other times

    Savanna Mehaffy

    by Savanna Mehaffy

    Sep 05, 2015  |  "Awesome"

    It was so cool make anther one like it