Text Roulette

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    This is the premium version of the most dangerous game a phone can play: Text Roulette.

    The rules are still the same: Spin the finger dial.

    When the dial comes to a stop Text Roulette will load a friendly greeting message to a randomly selected mobile number from the massive Text Roulette database then fire it off. From there it is possible to have a quick chat with someone from across the country, make a life-long text pal, or simply no response at all**.

    Premium features:

    + Unlimited pulls
    + No annoying ads
    + Faster spinning finger wheel
    + Larger database pool for more chances to make a connection
    + Full screen removed
    + Even more dangerous

    ** Remember, be courteous and be safe should you receive a reply. Never give out personal information. Text Roulette is for entertainment purposes only

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