The Drunken Goose




    The Drunken Goose is the alcoholic version of the popular Game of the Goose. Ideal for when you have gatherings of friends.

    Roll the dice and move the token around the board. Possible squares are:

    Standard Squares (Blue): Drink the players who match with the description.
    Luck Squares (Red): Shows 1 action of 10 randomly. Can be good or bad.
    Minigames Squares (Yellow): Shows randomly one of 4 existing minigames.
    Rules Squares (Green): Set a rule which affects everyone except you.
    Goose Squares: You'll go to the next goose and you'll roll the dice again.
    Death Square: You return to the beginning and you drink the whole Jackpot.
    Last Square: Win the game.

    NOTICE: If you're not of legal age, you can't drink alcohol. However, you can play with soft drinks, water, or ...With anything you can think of!

    Have fun!

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