The Hungry Bear




    !!!!! insanely addictive FUN game to play !!!!!
    Gameplay: This game is all about a lost bear who has to reach its home. On the way, he would go through forests, ponds, rivers and icelands (coming soon). He would face many hurdles e.g snakes, fireballs and falling weights. Also, on this journey, you have to make sure he is well fed.

    Your bear is so hungry for food that you have to feed him in a short time.
    Feed him all the good things that fall from sky.
    Be careful as you have to save him too, from snakes, fireballs and falling objects.

    - 10 distinct levels are provided
    - stay away from snakes, falling weight and fireballs that come to kill the bear
    - keep eating apples and keep on licking the honey from beehive
    - more levels and challenges coming soon
    - insanely addictive fun that you never experienced before

    How to play:
    Let the bear stand below the falling objects.
    Only feed the bear, stuff that he can eat. WATCH out for the stuff that can kill him.

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