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    "Forget Foursquare and Google Places, this is the check-in app for Android that you should all get if you live in a city."

    Outbreak! is a multiplayer online location based game. In order to play the game you must use your actual physical location.

    You interact with the game using a map view, where you will see Survivors, Zombies and real world buildings and landmarks.

    When you start the game you supply a user name and email address (don't worry, you won't get any emails, it's just for authentication). Once your account has been created you will be able to play the game. You will either be a Zombie or a Survivor, and this is decided based on your surroundings. Click 'Join the war' to view the map. This is where the game is played.

    If you are a survivor to must attack zombies, by getting within range.

    Zombies must attack survivors, by getting within range. Once a survivors health reaches zero, they will become a Zombie. When a Zombie is killed by a survivor they will have the option to re-spawn as a Survivor.
    Attack others to gain experience, and earn achievements. You will also level up as you gain experience, increasing your attack range.

    Nearby locations are visible on your map as a stronghold. Check-in to strongholds to take them over, and earn inventory items for replenishing health.

    Email to request NPCs, as this is a beta feature. NPCs are dummy players, allowing people in remote areas to play the game.

    Permissions Explained:

    The following permissions are used for connectiong to Apocalypse Management Industries servers to track the spread of infection

    Save to SD

    The following permissions are used for notifying you of zombies in your area, and your infection status

    The following permissions are for creating your account, and to stop people from cheating by using mock locations.

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