Throwing Knife King 3D Plus

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    ★ Throwing Knife King 3D ★

    The best Throwing Knife 3D game on Android platform★ ★

    It is a fusion of Shoot Apple, Fruit Slice, Shoot Apple and Archery Shooting
    Test the player's skills and accuracy

    If you like the excitement of violence and bloody funny
    Quasi-divine Throwing Knife Master 3D game must not miss!

    ★ God quasi-the Flying Daggers 3D operation method is very simple
    Shaking using a mobile phone to control the direction,
    Throwing tap the screen to hit the target,
    Note Well, do not reach all parts of the

    ★ hitting each part has a different die ★
    ★ accumulated a certain number of checkpoints there are many animals the mask can collect ★

    Significant increase in the thrill of the game

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