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    "Tic Tac Toe Free" by Igost Technologies is the best mobile tic tac toe game for android devices. Now you can play tic tac toe in your mobile device at any time, when you are travelling in bus, train, car, when you are waiting somewhere, spending time standing in line, when you gets bored etc.
    Today on wards no need to waste paper and ink. It is a simple but interesting game for people in all age groups especially kids.

    Igost tic tac toe game supports Single Player and Multiplier (two player) modes. So you can play this with your friends and also against Android.

    The artificial intelligence of single player mode includes three difficulty levels (Easy, Medium and Hard). So you can select any of them while starting the game. We won’t keep making same moves again and again.

    Easy Level: Recommended for Beginners, kids.
    Medium Level: Recommended for youngsters.
    Hard Level: Recommended for experts in this game.


    10 different interesting game levels
    Good Graphics
    Interesting Sounds
    Single Player Mode
    Multiplier Mode ( Local & Bluetooth )
    Difficulty Levels (Easy, Medium, Hard)
    Reset Function.

    To play via Bluetooth, Follow this:
    1) Click the " Bluetooth" button
    2) If your bluetooth is switched off the Game will ask permission to switch on the Bluetooth.
    3) Click the "Make Discoverable " Button So that your device will be detected in other device .
    4) One of the player clicks the "Connect to device" button,then select the second device name from the list shown ,if the device is not present in the list click on the "Scan For Device " Button.Then the device will be connected.
    5) You can select Default Levels before start playing using Bluetooth Paring .

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