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    The language in this game is only Japan.
    Today opening hamburger Schopp! It will prepare quickly and will satisfy the visitor.
    The visitor needs to come, let's make as an order was placed, since various dishes were ordered, and take out.
    A target is a total sales amount "1,500,000."
    Let's work rapidly and achieve the arm of cooking rapidly.
    [The operation method]
    Since an order will be placed if the visitor comes to the store, let's serve the dish of an order.
    [The kind of cooking]
    * Hamburger *
    Let's choose the bottom bread and insert an ingredient as order.
    Finally the upper bread is carried and it is completion.
    It will OK, if contents are in agreement even if the order of an overlap of an ingredient is different!
    If it completes, let's put on a tray.
    * Drink *
    It will be poured if the tap of the drink of an order is carried out.
    If it completes, let's put on a tray.
    * Deep-fried-dishes *
    The tap of the foods which the visitor ordered is carried out, and they are cooked.
    If it completes, let's put on a tray.
    Let's take out, before all the dish also gets cold.
    If it cools down, it becomes impossible to take out and must throw away into a garbage can.
    If the tap of the cold dish is carried out, it will go to a garbage can automatically.
    Since there are two trays, it chooses by a tap, respectively.
    If the tap of the dish done after that is carried out, the tray chosen will be taken.
    There is a level in each cookware.
    Cooking speed becomes early, so that a level is raised.
    The foods for cooking things can raise a level.
    Level = since it leads to clever evaluation, please raise a level using money.
    [Clever evaluation]
    The level of the used foods determines clever evaluation.
    If all the levels of the used foods are the levels 5 (MAX), it becomes the highest degree of satisfaction.
    It will become bad evaluation, if mistake cooking, and it provides or it returns nervously.
    [Craftsman point (sp)]
    A craftsman point is saved by clever evaluation after the end of operating.
    A user's level is decided by this craftsman point, and foods and the recipe which can be used are released.
    The progress of a game can be murmured by a twitter.
    I will murmur many things.
    If all the items of the stamp in a data button can be attained, it comes to be able to perform a full comp tweet specially.
    [Data clearance]
    If the 3rd page is opened from a data button, there is a "data clearance" button.
    A push on a button will clear the save data of this game.
    (The data which disappeared once cannot be restored)

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