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    This is a KOREAN language version.
    If you don't want a KOREAN version, please wait a few weeks. We are prepair to release INTERNATIONAL Version - English.
    This app is for T-ARA's fan loving KOREAN language and studying.

    Game Overview

    This game is a love and date simulation with T-ARA. T-ARA consists of seven members and very famous pop-music girls group in East ASIA from South KOREA.

    Player can choice a member of them and proceed sequence getting love point that means a score wining a member favor.

    If the player accomplish his love point with a member, player can see secret movie and getting special item. All movie in this game, T-ARA appearance!!

    Especially, the player can get T-ARA's still-shot and movie when he cleared game sequence one by one. This game has many sequence with T-ARA members and contained pictures over 1,300...

    Player can making a composed picture getting a member shot and using alarm system selected member's movie in i-phone / i-pad.

    Most of all, this game is the first time appeared real famous IDOL STAR in South Korea.

    Game Playing

    Phase1. Phone Calling on game

    1) Touch the telephone icon

    2) Select a member

    3) Phone calling. (This is not a real phone call but a just game interface)

    Phase2. Date Simulation

    1) Player can a talk with a member by text. But listening a members voice.
    (Scenario is selected by random)

    2) Player must choice a answer after proceed.

    3) Getting love point by players choice. But player can't see love point.

    4) Getting T-ARA's image in album.

    (Now, player can taking a composed picture. But the picture is selected only clearing sequence)

    5) Play roof as same pattern. (But player can getting different picture and seeing another scenarios. This game has over 600 scenarios and 4,000 pictures.)

    Phase3. Alarm setting

    1) If player finish a pattern of a member's, now he can see a special movie alarm.

    (If player can't clear a pattern and find a ending of a member's, this system did not work)

    2) Select a member. (Only cleared by playing)

    3) Setting a time.

    4) Alarm system done.

    ※ This game support to SAMSUNG Galaxy series and LG OPTIMUS series. Some device could not test a imperfect screen. If you download this app and find a problem, feedback us under e-mail address or face-book note please.

    Do you need a more information? Please, visit our facebook. You can get a information and update & event news.

    Thank you.
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