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    Published: 2011-06-10, by .

    Trap! is a puzzle game in which you have to capture screen area by trapping moving balls inside walls

    • Great timewaster
    • Challenging game
    • 6 different game modes
    • Interface could be improved
    • We're missing starting menu
    • Screentouch response isn't too accurate

    "Conquer the square's space by trapping bouncy balls"

    The gameplay is quite simple: balls are bouncing around a large square and you have to divide that square by drawing lines horizontally or vertically. The objective is to capture the 75% (or more) of total screen. But be careful: you don't control the speed of the line drawing (it's pre-defined), and if a ball hits the line before it gets the other side of the square it will break it, making you lose a life.

    There are 6 game modes: "Training mode" that has fewer balls but no area bonus, "Normal mode" with both more balls and area bonus, "Skill mode" that has no items but rewards (+1 life +1 speed per level). Skill mode also accumulates area bonus until a life is lost and uses the level number as the item multiplier. These three levels can be played as "Normal" that grants a set number of lives, with one life lost per wall break or "Time Challenge" that requires that level be completed running out the time. There we have the six game modes.

    The graphics aren't so good, but it doesn't really needs because of the game nature. It opens and close fast and we haven't noticed forceclosings. What we are missing is a Menu when the game is launched because it directly starts with the game field, and to get to the settings or to choose game mode you have to tap on "Menu". In this sense the interface could be improved, as well as its screentouch, that isn't too accurate.

    Trap! has been developed by Matt Wachowsky, an individual game developer. That's his only app on market, but regarding amount of downloads and rating, it seems that he's reaching great success with it.

    Trap! is a simple but entertaining game truly recommendable for those puzzle game lovers.

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    Jun 10, 2011


    Capture screen area by trapping moving balls inside walls. Contains power-ups and a bonus system: Learn to score a million points in a single level!

    - 6 games modes for different skill levels and variety
    - Deep scoring system for you to discover and eventually master
    - Supports automatic music playback from your existing library
    - launches immediately, no ads, remembers your in-game progress if you need to stop

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