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    Finally a troll game that you can win!;) Mr. Troll has tyrannized the whole land, now it's up to you to stop his trolling!

    To beat Mr. Troll you need to beat the troll in 30 of troll's level by hitting the troll with the ball. But Mr. Troll has a few tricks up his stock, so every level trolls you with its unique way to overcome it. So you need to use your brain to defeat Mr. Troll!

    So don't get trolled by Mr. Troll and don't get fooled by the troll. You'll need alot of skill and all the functionality of your smartphone to win against Mr. Troll!

    This should be his last trolling you succeed.
    So try your best to free the entire country from that troll, and he can't harm or troll anybody anymore! =)

    Troll gravity is a game where you get trolled by a troll in every level in a different way and it gets more difficult every level because the troll improves its trollness.

    The Story is about Mr. Troll who dont want to get hit by the troll kill but the troll knows the best on how to troll you and just tries o roll you all the way throught those troll levels you you need to finish, but beware mr. troll has a secrtet troll plan in this backhand to troll you with the trollness he trolls you all the way through all of the troll levels and in the background the troll theme is played so there is no escape in getting trolled all over it with all the troll levels!

    Troll kalla mik
    trungl sjǫtrungnis,
    auðsug jǫtuns,
    élsólar bǫl,
    vilsinn vǫlu,
    vǫrð nafjarðar,
    hvélsveg himins –
    hvat's troll nema þat?[2]

    Anthony Faulkes translation:

    'Trolls call me
    moon of dwelling-Rungnir,
    giant's wealth-sucker,
    storm-sun's bale,
    seeress's friendly companion,
    guardian of corpse-fiord,
    swallower of heaven-wheel;
    what is a troll other than that?'[3]

    John Lindow translation:

    They call me a troll,
    moon of the earth-Hrungnir [?]
    wealth sucker [?] of the giant,
    destroyer of the storm-sun [?]
    beloved follower of the seeress,
    guardian of the "nafjord" [?]
    swallower of the wheel of heaven [the sun].
    What's a troll if not that?[2]

    Popular culture
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    In the fairy tale called The Three Billy Goats Gruff, a Troll resided under a bridge that the three goats had to cross to get to the fields.

    In The Lord of the Rings franchise, there were different types of trolls ranging from Stone Trolls, Two-Headed Trolls, Hill Trolls, Cave Trolls, Mountain Trolls, Snow Trolls, and the Olog-Hai (the type of Trolls that can withstand sunlight).

    In the Harry Potter franchise, the Trolls are strong creatures and are listed as XXXX by the Ministry of Magic's classification on them. There were different types of trolls ranging from Forest Trolls, Mountain Trolls, and River Trolls. In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Quirinus Quirrel had let a Mountain Troll into Hogwarts which ended up being defeated by Harry Potter. In the other books, there are Security Trolls that are skillfully trained to guard several wizarding locations.

    Trolls are among the creatures that appear in Ugly Americans.

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