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    If you want to blend the excitement of a race game with the awesomeness of a robot transformation, play the Trucksformers! It promises a great challenge on the virtual streets of your android. So let's take the roads by storm and prove you are a professional driver when it comes to any type of obstacles and bumps in the road. Pay attention to the road ahead, learn how to be great at handling your arrow keys and prove everyone you know when to make a left or a right just in time to avoid collisions. Accelerate on the fast track but be careful, since you can flip over if you don't make the right moves in time to avoid disaster.

    Are you ready to enjoy all the four types of trucks in five cool stages and feel the blend between racing games adrenaline and the truck games adventure calling you? Then you're totally ready to respond to the challenge of driving your transformable truck along three of the most challenging, dangers-covered tracks that you could think of: a dangers-filled track, one covered with... hot lava and another one challenging you with all kinds of kinds of huge debris-made walls! We dare you to take the challenge!

    Trucksformers is a perfect android truck game that can be enjoyed anywhere and at any time. You can challenge your friends to prove your supremacy or you can easy play it while you're stuck in traffic. What sets it apart form other great monster truck games available for Android is, as its title suggests, the chance to drive several types of cool trucks, I mean within the same level! You'll be witnessing your on-screen truck's total transformation as you advance further within the level and you manage to pass by all those obstacles and get closer and closer to the finish line. This cool feature that your truck has been “gifted” with will surely dazzle you away! Also, we could not underestimate another great aspect: its highly interactive game-play. Practically, as you play it, and not as we normally know, in those short instruction text lines, you have indications popping up on your screen informing you about the keys to press if you want to use your truck's special features for overcoming those extreme obstacles on the track! If these two features do not turn it into ones of the most unique free monster truck games available for Android then I don't know what will!

    There are many ways to enjoy our new adventure so let's download and play it on your android today! You will see your fantastic truck trucks-forming itself into a perfect machine for any bumpy road, easily driven on and off-road, enough for making it practically impossible for you to stop playing it until you haven't unlocked all the possible trucks available for you, until you haven't won the title of the ultimate monster truck driver, capable to face any kind of extremely unfriendly circuits!

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