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    The popular hangman game with TV series names for your mobile phone or tablet! Absolutely free for unlimited use! Includes thousands of TV series to guess, additional information and lots of options and game configurations. Just install, play and have fun!

    - lots of series names: Also I will constantly add new ones!
    - choose the difficulty of the TV series names to guess: If you select “easy” you will get only very popular series, if you select “hard” you will have to be a series-expert to guess them correctly.
    - choose the number of attempts you have per game. Experts can try to guess the name with only 3 attempts, while beginners will have up to 7 attempts.
    - Hint button: If you are stuck with one name you can press the hint button and there will be displayed additional information about the TV series like: The actors, the length and the year. Moreover you can decide if you want that the hint button click costs you one attempt or not.
    - Statistics: All your games will be saved and you will know how many games you have played, how many of them you have won and lost and finally you will get your personal game score!
    - Clear and straightforward user interface that is focused on the features that you really need to have fun with TV Series Hangman Free!
    - Choose the color of the background! You can choose between various colors including an energy-saving black background theme!
    - Fast and performance optimized App!
    - Supported languages: English, Spanish, German
    - Very user-friendly app permissions!
    - More exciting features to come in future updates of this game!
    - Last not least: I developed this app just for fun! I did it because I love development and I wanted to do something with Android and I hope this affected the character of this app in positive way. If you don’t want just another commercial app from some big company then this hangman game might be the right thing for you ;-)

    This app is tested with:
    - Most popular mobile phones: Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy SL, Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3 and more.
    - small screen devices (smallest screen 2,7’)
    - 7’ tablets and 10’ tablets
    - Android 2.2 "Froyo" up to 4.2 "Jelly Bean" and should even run on older devices

    Declaration of app permissions:
    - This app asks for Internet access. This is needed, because in the rare case an error or exception happens it will forward a description of the error to my app’s analytics. That way I can provide fixes of problems faster with future updates. This permission is also needed for the small advertisement banner!
    - That’s it, no more permissions needed!

    Please consider to write a review of this app if you liked it! Thank you! You might also want to check out my other game: Movie Hangman Free ;-)

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