Ultimate Mosquito Smasher




    Smash the mosquitoes with a tap of your finger!
    Top crusher game!

    Do you know that acute sound around your ears that wakes you up especially in summer times? That freaky little noise that if not stopped ends up with a nasty little bubble on your skin?
    Well, be comforted, the time of revenge has arrived! Crash them and let them pay back for all those nights they interrupted your sleep.

    Fantastic free game with many levels.
    Try to smash the mosquitoes and achieve the highest score possible to get to the next level.
    If you group the mosquitoes up by their color before smashing them (blue, red, green or yellow) you will get a higher score.

    Advice: To group them up, touch them on the wings with your fingertip and then drag them to another part of the screen, paying attention not to touch their body.


    3D graphics with high quality
    Various animations and sounds
    Exciting elements: Joker, Enemies, Incognito/unknown, Eater, Bomber, Bullet Time, The Ray, Refresher, the secret bag, etc.
    Many game levels
    Fun for all

    Fun entertainment for players of all ages, kids, teens and adults. Simply tap the mosquitoes for a smashing good time, but watch out for the dangerous black mosquitoes!

    Warning: It is just a game not some sort of insect repellent!

    One of the best bug crusher games of the android mobile market!

    Download this great game! Play with it in every occasion at home, at the bus stop, at the park or just to pass the time.

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