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    ULTIMATE Rage of Bahamut Guide

    by: Robert Winterfel 93 3.2

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    Want to Learn to create 100s of accounts and harvest them for referral cards, high rares, and items?

    Want to Automate monotonous tasks and support messages so you can spend less time grinding and more time on the fun parts?

    Want to learn all the tricks, cheats, quirks, secrets, and hacks that took me almost 6 months of daily game play to discover?

    Then YOU are in the right place!

    UPDATED 9/18/2012

    Originally 6 Pages and receiving the highest feedback, this guide is now the equivalent of + pages, over six times the length, six times the tips, tricks, cheats, and strategies and the same low price! For the price, this guide will pay off 100 fold in only a few hours.
    This guide includes MACRO software/instructions and shows you how players run scripts in any browser or android game such as ROB.
    These scripts allow you to automate certain tasks while you are away, sleeping, or doing something else. This way you never waste stamina or time again. Save time, rupies, and gain power.
    This listing also entitles you to unlimited updates of this guide when a new version comes out JUST LIKE THIS VERSION! That means you will get tips and tricks as they appear in the game and find out new exploits as they happen.

    The ULTIMATE Rage of Bahamut Guide. Written by former #1 trader and player in the game!

    I just retired from this game about a week ago. When I retired I had tons of legends, SSR, SR, High Rares, rupies, thousands of items, and more. Now I will reveal every tip and secret so that you can reach the top as well. Only a player who no longer plays would be willing to reveal the tips, tricks, and secrets that I am revealing to you in this guide.
    Why? Because if I was still playing I would NOT want the competition and I would NOT want you to know these things!

    The things I cover in this guide are the things that the top players DO NOT want you to know. They would rather they keep these things to themselves or even use these strategies against you. I GUARANTEE that this guide will save you millions of rupies that you are wasting, hours of time that you are wasting and would be better spent on a different area of the game, and help you start amassing TONS of high rares, S rares, and SSR.

    You WILL be satisfied with this guide and it WILL make you a grade A player. All it takes are these tips and a small amount of time.
    This guide is 41+ full pages of tricks, tips, hints, cheats, and secrets that will make you the next #1.
    Check out feedback on eBay, this guide is legit!

    This guide is now available as an Android App! The app is merely a document reader and requires no permissions other than access to touch screen (so you can navigate through pages and scroll up/down). Don't be tricked by other apps and their questionable permissions!

    Please leave positive feedback when you see that this guide is 100% legit and 1000% awesome.

    This guide covers a great many items including:


    Basic Deck Building

    Advanced Deck Building Tips



    Skill Type and Skill Level Boosts and their Strength/Effect

    How Others Post Referral Codes

    Becoming a Trade Guru (Pre-Bazaar strategy, most info still very much valid)

    Placing in Events (Holy War GUIDE)

    Battle Rankings

    How People Register ALT accounts (General Info)

    How Others Cheat

    How Others RUN MACROS/MACRO SOFTWARE. How Others Register 100s of devices (OLD METHOD)

    How to register 100’s of devices and Harvest tons of High, S, and SS rares and items (NEW METHOD)

    BAZAAR, Trade Rule Changes, and strategies going forward

    Making a (Legend) Power deck in 1-2 days

    It Takes Time! PLUS info on a NEW Game that you may like as much(or more) than ROB

    ULTIMATE Card Reference Guide (250+ cards)


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