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    Touch jump out of the sea "sea urchin", let's eat a lot of sea urchin bowl!
    You are floating on sea now as Ama's. What, I will jump full "sea urchin" (UNI) is jumped up from the sea.
    You can get the UNI when you touch your finger on the UNI that jumped out.

    The start out it is not the only UNI.
    I pops up such as scrubbing brush, such as boots, such as bowl, such as dolls, those cryptic sometimes even together.
    Be careful since become deduction that it would touch the stuff if not a UNI.
    In addition, they will be penalized to be would escape to the UNI with fail to touch.

    Over time, the number of UNI who jumps out also been increasing steadily.
    To be able to touch to choose only the UNI, rapid judgment is important.

    In addition, the game will be made of continued You say if cans to some extent, a reward of bonus stage is waiting.
    In the bonus stage, only Unis because jumps out full, let's touch on the hard feel free!

    Deduction meter is full, the game is over, you will receive a "sea urchin bowl" (UNIDON) depending on the number of UNI that you get.

    Let's eat UNIDON stomach full of and get the UNI many as possible!

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