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    VALIANT GLADIATOR (Valiant Gladiator), the
    Things and if they win by pressing the attack button without thinking,
    For those who enjoy also, got bored on a common combat system anywhere
    RPG's battle system is a new sensation.

    Or to say good performance of the equipment, because a high level, it will simply lose If you let your guard down.
    However, if you can well for attack and defense to the contrary, the performance of the equipment will be able to win without good odds level is low,
    You can enjoy hot offense and defense.

    ◎ How to Play
    Players can select actions from the following items.
    • Check the status ... status, you can change the equipment.
    • You can purchase weapons shop ..., shield, of the item.
    · By choosing the person you want to play against ... arena, you can play against that opponent.
    Let's enhance the player experience value can be obtained by victory, in prize money.

    ◎ ban
    In the game, and there is not enough level of player arena
    The equipment and can not be purchased, and the opponent can not play.
    To lift a ban on them, has a devil icon on the status of an arena opponent,
    You need to win to Rankubosu.

    ◎ equipment
    ○ weapon
    Range can sneak ... sneak attack range (see below ※).
    The range attack ... attack range.
    Will affect the speed and movement generation interval (see below ※) attacks ... bullet weight.
    Characteristics of the type of weapon
    Although wide-range attacks ... dagger, vital point range is narrow. Lighter weight.
    The average-range sword attacks ..., vital point range, all in weight.
    Although the narrow-range attacks ... ax, vital point range is wide. Heavy weight.
    ○ shield
    Impregnable impregnable defense ... can range range (see below ※).
    The range attack defense ... defense range.

    ◎ combat
    Player in combat action can be taken are as follows.
    ○ If you press the button to use items ... items, you can use recovery items have.
    ○ attack
    The blue bullet attack has flowed from the left of the attack gauge.
    Bullet attack, attack by pressing the attack button is successful in the attack range.
    At this time, if the bullet is in the range sneak attack, you can damage that ignores the defense next to "sneak attack", the other party.
    If you press the attack outside the range, and the penalty will be (see below).
    ○ defense
    A red bullet defense has flowed from the left of the gauge defense.
    Bullet defense, defense is successful If you press the button within defense defense.
    At this time, if the bullet is in the range impregnable defense, does not accept next to "impregnable defense", the damage.
    When the key is pressed out of range defense, and the penalty will be (see below).
    Also, when someone reaches the right side of the gauge bullet defense, next to "Miss defense",
    You would damage that ignores the defense of the player.

    ※ a certain period of time ... penalty, you will not press the attack button, both the defense button. (Items available)

    ◎ image you are using in the game has let me use a site like the following material, or material of like providers. (In no particular order)
    Museum material and we
    Tei he who Resona
    Nyan limp home this
    Http:// cradle of cyan
    Workshop decrement
    No. 1 small fish
    Not sleeping
    Mercantile city

    ※ This game has been produced based on the 800 * 480 screen size.
    800 * 480 In addition, make sure the layout of the screen in 854 * 400 An attempt has been made,
    If you are using, you may collapse if the layout of the screen size of the other terminals.

    Tags: range of the gladiator game , グラディエーター クラス , valiant , sands of the coliseum ペナルティ

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    timothy tressler

    by timothy tressler

    Feb 23, 2014  |  "Great"

    Liked a lil more english. But cool game. And whos grammer and spelling doesnt suck