vestir is a simple game designed for people who like clothes and accessories but do not have time to prove it.
    In the application you can dress a figure of a woman, a man, a boy or a girl with different clothes and accessories. Just press the buttons in the application and use your finger to drag the clothes on the stage. To clear the clothes do not wear you just have to place it to the right of the screen and press another button.
    You can also upload images of clothing and accessories that have been designed by you. Ideally, use png images with transparent backgrounds (you can also download clothes and accessories juegamenia website by clicking on link in the initial screen of the application). You can change the size of the last upload image.
    If you have a gallery of images of clothing and accessories for the application you can put pictures on your website so that other players can use them . You can also send an email to juegamenia to include a link to your website gallery .
    At the end you can save an image .

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