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    Virtual Villagers 2's review

    Published: 2014-04-08, by Peter Warrior.

    A tribe sim game

    • Wide array of options and stuff
    • Long playability
    • UI needs improvement
    • Gameplay and results are sometimes unclear

    "Go ask the black smoke"

    Virtual Villagers is a sort of tribe simulator, which sounds great. You are in care of a little group of villagers who dwell and try to prosper in a tropical island. There are many variants and sequels of this game. They all work in the same way with little if any differences among them.

    This game is quite comprehensive, and it's based on two main premises: micro management and real time running.

    Regarding the former, you have to look after every individual villager, and UI doesn't help much once your town has grown a little. yes, you also have to pair couples so they can procreate, and raise buildings and investigate new techs. Now and then events arise to add the necessary haphazardness, and once you get a permanent camp, some villages can take the role of scouts and go deep into the island to seek out secrets.

    "Real time running mean that Virtual Villagers isn't kept hold while you do other things, it runs in the background. Yes, this means you have to keep an eye on it just to be sure everything is OK.

    Graphics are fine, though they may look too childish for your liking. In the end, they're sim games more demanding that they first look like, whose greatest flaw is an uncomfortable interface that makes you invest time than it should otherwise need.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Apr 08, 2014

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    Kristen LaCons

    by Kristen LaCons

    Jul 31, 2017  |  "OK"

    Can't see the people on this one or virtual villagers 4. I bought both games and cant even play. I loved origins and Ill keep it... Funny how the free one works just fine and the 2 I paid for doesn't. Please fix or refund thanks!

    Laura Azar

    by Laura Azar

    Jul 30, 2017  |  "OK"

    It apparently doesn't run well at all on my Droid Moto z because the villagers are literally flat in width, like they're stick-looking

    Magnus Varne

    by Magnus Varne

    Jul 13, 2017  |  "Good"

    Great that android replicates these games that i adored on my iPod touch back in the days but the thinner villagers that are near impossible to target triggers me to no end. Otherwise great work

    Daniel Taylor

    by Daniel Taylor

    Jul 09, 2017  |  "Poor"

    Couldn't even move the people would've been a great game but made by what looks like grade 2s

    Kayla Cunnold

    by Kayla Cunnold

    Jun 12, 2017  |  "OK"

    Same as all the recent comments bought this expecting the usual and all villagers display distorted and thin

    Ben Slezak

    by Ben Slezak

    Jun 11, 2017  |  "Poor"

    The game is basically unplayed on the new samsung galaxy s8 because the people are too thin to do anything. I can barely pick them up to do anything