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    Published: 2013-11-20, by .

    Fight back against the virus enemy, if you can get the app to work

    • Virus Sushi sounds so appealing
    • Doesn't let me get past opening screen

    "Go viral with virii"

    I was actually looking forward to playing Parsec Games' Virus Sushi - call me crazy, maybe it's just too close to lunchtime. It looks like it's a puzzle game about attacking viruses using the right weapons in the right order.

    However, I can't get past the opening prompt wherein I am supposed to enter my player name. I tried "Janel," "Player," "Ash," and even "password," but nothing lets me access the game itself.

    I see in the user comments that I'm not the only one to have this issue. Hopefully Parsec Games fixes up the real bugs in Virus Sushi such that it may grow into its true potential.

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    Janel Appszoom logo

    by Janel , Appszoom

    Nov 20, 2013


    Warning: You're under attack and your data is at risk.
    *roll eyes* Oh heavens! Stop saying that already!
    Have already read/heard this warning too many times? Tired of your data being stolen? Feel like you are being tracked? Your privacy is at risk of changing settings? Stalkers, zombies and hurling creatures giving you nightmares?

    We understand the frustration of it all and are here to help you blow some steam by combating the various hungry, red eyed, golden rimmed viruses that work for the top government agencies, hackers and multimillion corporations and want nothing but your data.

    This is obviously not going to be an easy task as you will have to put your brain cells to some real work, think strategically and be smarter than the viruses at all stages. You will be able to purchase weapons of mass virus destruction; guns, laser blasters, bombs, super abilities, death rays and much more and that too without any funding from terrorist organizations.

    Here is the tricky part; to purchase these weapons you will need to collect points that will be generated by the solar panels that you will deploy. The more solar panels you have, the more weapons you will be able to deploy and obviously the easier this war on viruses would be. You definitely have better chances of survival than the US Government.

    Now only if life was that easy! With each stage the viruses get stronger, invite their immediate families and ancient cousins with armors and shield and rage a full fledged attack on you from all sides. You will have to think smart and act smarter when deploying solar panels and weapons to win each level.

    If you read past our sarcasm, the game tutorial will walk you through the 1st three levels before we leave you on your own. Additionally we will give you ample techpoints during and at the end of each level to shop amazing abilities and upgrades from our techstore.

    We will send you cookies if you report any bugs or suggest enhancements. Don’t be shy when rating or writing reviews about the game (we give extra cookies for higher ratings).

    For faulty lasers and broken solar panels, check the support section on our website. We totally and completely appreciate your constructive and not-so-destructive feedback and complains (and hugs and kisses)

    P.S. Enjoy the Sushi and we hope it is virus-less.

    More weapons, abilities, enemies and levels coming soon.

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