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    Once upon a time, not so long ago, a few scientists carried out an experiment on a chicken to see if they could make it fly like an eagle. The experiment went horribly wrong and the chicken was left for dead. But then, it wasn’t dead. At least not entirely. It had turned into an ominous nightmarish zombie! And as is the nature of zombies, the zombie chicken went to a nearby farm and infected all the chicken. The farm happened to be Victor’s. Although disappointed that all his chicken were infected, Victor didn’t lose his heart and picked up his Blunderbuss, a fashionable kick-in-the-gut fantastic weapon – to destroy the infected chicken and save his farm. Welcome to Zombie Chicken Frenzy!

    With a ridiculously simple gameplay, Zombie Chicken Frenzy is as easy and addictive as … well, killing zombies?

    Touch the screen to aim the Blunderbuss at the zombies, release to shoot.

    Meet the characters:
    Apart from Victor and zombified chickens, there are a bunch of other interesting characters that come along the way.

    Exploding gastro chicken, suit-clad chicken (resembling your boss who is impervious to all your pleas), funny-looking guitar-yielding mariachi chicken who has a curious plan of his own, and a bullet-attracting hunk. Meet ‘em all and see what they are capable of doing. And when you do, make sure you get to know them well: for they can help you achieve your goals in an interesting fashion.

    Victor gets lucky …
    Once you have destroyed a considerable amount of zombie chickens, you are given the gift of portals and directional boosters. Make use of them to the fullest extent to destroy the remaining infected chickens. But beware the uninfected chicken that show up once in a while. Do not shoot them.

    With exquisite graphics, Zombie Chicken Frenzy is much more than what meets the eye. Right from the first level, there’s a lot that keeps you engaged. Spring, summer, autumn and winter: four seasons, four sets of levels, new characters and surprises in every season! Pick up the blunderbuss. Killing zombie chickens may just be your thing!

    Needless to say, the sound effects are in perfect accord with the gameplay. Then, you can always switch off the music if you don’t want it. But mind you, you cannot switch off the awesomeness of Zombie Chicken Frenzy! Get shooting, already!

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    vibhor kumar

    by vibhor kumar

    Sep 05, 2013  |  "Awesome"


    Daniel Jeevan

    by Daniel Jeevan

    Sep 02, 2013  |  "Awesome"

    One of the best free games ever. Nice levels.. Addicted. "!

    Arun Kumar

    by Arun Kumar

    Aug 28, 2013  |  "Great"

    Good game n lovely concept.. Nice graphics and music..

    Naman Belwal

    by Naman Belwal

    Aug 28, 2013  |  "Awesome"

    Excellent team work. Lovely product with a soothing background music.

    vivekanand Desai

    by vivekanand Desai

    Aug 28, 2013  |  "Awesome"

    Very good graphics n physics! :-)

    Biplove Belwal

    by Biplove Belwal

    Aug 28, 2013  |  "Awesome"

    Love the game...kudos to the level designers for the meticulous balance of skill and physics...very imaginative....and good fun...