Zombie Pixels Live Wallpaper

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    A fun zombie infection simulation live wallpaper, right on your phone.

    Zombies are red, and they chase army guys in green, and civilians in white.

    Zombies can infect army guys and civilians. Civilians can kill zombies sometimes, and army guys can kill zombies more often.

    As the commander, you can drop a bomb on zombies. This doesn't affect army guys as they have bulletproof flak jackets and take shelter, but it can kill civilians if you configure friendly fire. (See: Settings, below.) Press hard and wide. Try using your thumb as if you were swatting a fly / zombie.

    You can also drop army and civilians into the field via helicopter by gently pressing a point on the map.

    Number of Zombies
    Number of Civilians
    Number of Army Men
    Health Lost Per Day for a Zombie
    Health Lost Per Day for a Army Man
    Health Lost Per Day for a Civilian
    Enable Add/Bomb Touch : Allows users to add people or bomb zombies by touching the screen.
    Gentle Touch Threshhold: Default 0.2 This determines if a touch is a people or bomb drop.
    Touch Width Threshhold: Default 0.3. This determines if a touch is a person or bomb drop.
    Bombing Volume: This sets the volume of the bomb drop.
    Bombing Allow Friendly Fire: This sets if civilians perish during zombie bombing raids.

    Known issues:
    -On Live Wallpaper Preview Settings doesn't work. Working on this... Launch the settings panel by going to the app browser and clicking the Zombie icon.
    -Slow when thousands of zombies are present.