123s ABC Kids Handwriting Game




    With this game, teaching handwriting to kids has never been easier!

    Trace the letter, hear the letter. Shake to erase & try again!
    Simple, Educational and Fun!

    Finger Tracing Flashcards are a great learning tool for practicing the proper Zaner-Bloser Print Style handwriting method used in schools around the world.

    The 123s ABCs Handwriting Game Zaner-Bloser handwriting app by Studios includes 26 uppercase, 26 lowercase, 100 numbers and over 15 fun shapes!

    This handwriting game does not test for accuracy, as it will help teach kids with repetition and free flow letter tracing activities.

    Learning the basic skills such as the alphabet by tracing the letters of the alphabet will help kids be better spellers and better readers.

    About the Zaner Bloser writing method: This handwriting method teaches writing in straight up and down strokes in manuscript printing and inclined strokes in cursive.

    A parent can ask themselves, which writing application or letter tracing method is best for my child?
    It depends if your child has a difficult time with slants and inclined letter strokes, the Zaner Bloser handwriting technique can be very beneficial to their learning. The Zaner Bloser letter tracing method is ideal for young children, as it is easier for kids in the early stages of development to use the simple linear strokes.

    One of the best features about our game is that correlates with the tracing style used in many schools. Learning manuscript letters is fun and engaging while at the same times, it lets kids learn at their individual pace.

    While our handwriting app works great with just your finger, we highly encourage the use of a stylus as it will help kids with muscle memory skills as well as basic letter tracing skills.


    26 Zaner-Bloser styled uppercase tracing letters & handwriting practice activities
    26 Zaner-Bloser styled lowercase handwriting worksheets
    0-100 Zaner-Bloser styled letter tracing numbers games
    Learn the name of the shapes
    Multiple thickness
    Free Ad-supported version.
    Language/Speech and Sounds: US English
    Age Level: 1+
    Title: 123s ABCs Kids Handwriting Game
    Copyright 2010, Inc.

    (Does not test for accuracy)

    *Zaner-Bloser is a registered trademark of Zaner-Bloser Inc.

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