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    Welcome to the unique world of spellings - Classmate Spell Bee 2017, an initiative by Radio Mirchi! Presenting season nine of India's largest school level spelling competition. Be part of an experience that has become a rage amongst young spellers from Indian schools. The competition involves more than 2,50,000 champion wins a cash prize, and an all expenses paid trip to Washington DC to witness the Scripps National Spelling Bee, and a chance to be on national television.

    *EXPERT TIPS*: : Learn from the official study guide of the competition and learn interesting spelling techniques, word patterns and etymology. Get first hand lessons from the past winners with tips and suggestions from them. Also discover their favorite words in the “Words From The Wise” section.

    *MOCK TEST*: : Take a quick challenge of selecting 50 correctly spelt words in 5 minutes and get your score instantly!

    SLICE THE WORD (A Game Packed with interactive multilevel spell game)

    ## First learn the meaning of the word

    ## The game starts with the alphabets flying across the screen, Slice to select the correct alphabets out of all

    ##Avoid slicing alphabets with no connection to the word (Deduction in Life)

    ## Keep waiting for the power Ups to pop out on the screen along with the words, each power up is unique in nature.

    ## Keep playing and keep crossing different level with different set of words to solve

    ## keep playing and collecting words in your word chest to view your name in the leader board of the game and get a chance to win a surprise gift

    ## It’s not all!! Share your best score on social media with Facebook . Learn and have Fun.

    Discover a new English word everyday to spell better and enhance your vocabulary. You also get to learn the meaning and language of origin of each word and how to use it in a sentence.
    Now the Power Word of the Day is even more powerful with the Archive, where you can get power words for the past days. For every new word of the day you get a Notification. Learn and have Fun.

    Under Take the Test section Spell Challenge Series is a set of time based spelling tests. A user has to register and take the test. This series has 10 levels and each level has 75 questions and answers are in multiple choice format. The user will score points for each right answer and they can view their score and their rank on the leaderboard

    SPELL CHAMPS: Based on Classmate Spell Bee’s TV show the mobile application introduces a new feature Spell Champs for TV Viewers. The feature enables a viewer to participate in the competition on TV at the same time as the participants answer questions on the show. It’s your chance to check if you can match the spelling skills with some of the brightest spellers in the country. Now you can be a part of the spelling extravaganza on television by participating from your phone/ tab screens. You can use the Spell Champs feature only when the TV show is on air.

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