Cute Animal and Toy Matching




    Great fun and learning for kids! This Matching Game is of great educational value for little children.

    Match all the colorful sea animals and fun kids toys with the identical object in the middle.

    Within this matching game, toddlers and kids will develop their visual perception and cognitive skills.
    The simple drag & drop mechanism also helps to train the fine motor skills of your kid. Within three different themes, over 50 different objects can be matched one after another. Each game has a nicely illustrated image with 8 related images around. Just drag the matching objects into the middle.

    Features of Cute Animal and Toy Matching:
    * Find and match the pairs of identical images
    * Discover sea animals (nemo, octopus, shark, wale, fish)
    * a lot of fun guaranteed
    * funny and kid-friendly sounds
    * improves fine motor skills of children (drag & drop mechanism, multi-touch)

    Three different themes:
    1. Sea World Theme: Calamar, hammerhead, crab, jellyfish, clownfish, octopus, starfish, stingray, turtle, wale
    2. Animals and nature: Monkey, butterfly, bee, beaver, leave, flower, lizard, elephant, giraffe, lion, sun, shooting star, zebra,
    3. Toys and Household: Toy car, bear, picture, ball, duck, soap, toilet paper, game, trumpet, train, matchup

    Finding the pairs (and the little clownfish nemo) is fun for little children! Just try it, especially when your kid loves matching games, matching and shape puzzles!

    Recommended age group: 1,5 + (Toddlers, Kindergardeners)

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    Tags: cute animal and toy matching , 水果配對遊戲 , 動物配對幼兒 , 幼兒 遊戲 , 孩童教育

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