Daddy's Book Learning for Kids

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    This application is initially started for my kids, because they liked it so much
    I thought I'd dedicate it to others as well.
    This is a learning application for kids.
    Very useful for little kids because it helps to learn objects and things that surround them.
    Also useful for kids who already speak because I can hear the names of the objects, and navigate yourself
    among the many categories and items available.
    Another feature is the learning of Italian and French because every object has a translation.
    Among the many categories available are:
    School (Letters, numbers, colors, geometry, human body, sports, etc.)
    Nature (animals, fish, birds, minerals, flowers, etc.)
    Objects (vehicles, kitchen equipment, bathroom, work tools, musical instruments, etc.)
    And other categories
    The application is accompanied by four little games for learning words and a memory game


    Over 1400 Images
    Over 50 Categories
    3 Languages
    4 Games