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    There is nothing other than the toys and games and their sounds to give smile on your kids face. Your kids will enjoy this game. Just give this game to your kids and see the smile on their face. With this game your kids can
    * Play with toys.
    * Colorful fireworks.
    * Make coloring for the pictures and sharing it on facebook or email.
    * Play with balloons by blasting them.
    * Learn numbers and letters.
    * Learn simple mathematics
    * Parents can see child performance using graphs and analyze area of improvement for maths.

    Games for Toddlers is the only game which can be played by all age group of your kids. Even toddlers can also play and enjoy this game!

    There may be lot of games for toddlers and kids. But Games for Toddlers is unique.

    It is free only!!! Why don't you try this for your children? Just download it!!!

    * Addictive games for your kids.
    * Many games in a single application.
    * Can be played by all age groups of your children.
    * Nice graphics and music.
    * Helps your toddlers to learn number, colors, letters, etc,.
    * Bar chart and Pie chart for monitoring your kids activity

    Note: Enable media sound on your device to hear music.

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