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    These HD puzzle for kids & toddlers offers the most beautiful HD sea animals graphics on the market. Puzzles are illustrated by artists especially for toddlers and children of kindergarten age therefore contains vivid colours and enchanting animals appropriate to the age. This preschool educational game provides 48 puzzles in full version, 8 of which are for free with no ads!

    Toddlers and parents can enjoy little crabs playing beachball and turtle mum with her children on the beach landscape. Let your child relax at the seashore or discover magic of the ocean's underwater world with the colourful fishes, baby tortoises, smiled octopus, young jellyfish, puffer and many others cheerful animals!

    HD puzzle are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers containing intuitive, easy touchable interface even for the youngest kids. It will help your child to improve motor, logical and cognitive skills, concentration and memory. These puzzle have been tested on children between age 2 and 6 and they simply love it. HD puzzle for kids & toddlers will keep your baby occupied for a long time. Spend some fun time with your baby during the New year.

    When puzzle is completed kids are rewarded with one of the five mini games such as animated swimming baby fishes, popping bubbles or tapping funny walking crabs.


    HD puzzle for kids & toddlers contains 48 puzzles in Full version, 8 puzzles in Lite version

    3 different styles of puzzles

    5 different minigames after the main puzzle quest is completed
    -Popping bubbles
    -Popping beach balls
    -Popping funny animated starfishes
    -Swimming animated accelerating baby fishes with bubbles
    -Walking animated crabs

    Simple & intuitive child-friendly interface with no ads

    Many cheerful animals

    HD quality

    If you like this puzzles please buy the full version.

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