Igbo101 is an Igbo language-learning app for kids and adult beginners to Igbo African language and culture.

    Select from over 12 lessons to learn Igbo words and sentences.
    Play various games to test your Igbo skills.
    Earn gifts and points as you learn to fill up your gallery.
    Unlock Igbo cultural symbols and useful information to share with others.

    Igbo African culture is rich and the Igbo language is spoken by millions of people in Africa and beyond. Igbo language has various dialects and as much as possible, Igbo101 adopts the standard Igbo for learning called Igbo-Izugbe.

    Igbo101 is fun and exciting combining colorful graphics, animations, games, text and sound to make Igbo language easy to learn.

    Take the challenge of acquiring all 5 Kingdoms in Igbo101 by unlocking all the Igbo symbols in the gallery section. Igbo101 provides the tools to accomplish the mission in 3 easy steps

    (1) Gain Igbo knowledge (the gift of Amamiihe) under various lessons spread across 4 levels.
    (2) Play Games associated with each lesson by relying on the Igbo knowledge gained from learning.
    (3) Earn 5 stars for each game to unlock special Igbo cultural symbols and learn more about Igbo culture.

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