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    ★ Why to teach kids shapes?
    The early recognition of shapes relates to your child's ability to read symbols otherwise known as letters. Capital letters are made mostly of circles (or parts of circles) and lines. The first step in understanding letters is the ability to know the difference between a circle and a square or rectangle.

    ★ What do learning shapes have to do with child’s imaginations?
    Once kids learn about their shapes, they will begin to see them everywhere.
    You’ll likely be surprised by your child when they learn their basic shapes. They will see the bus wheels as circles and the bus as a rectangle (more or less).
    Your hand-claps will reinforce their learning.

    ★ Kids Learn Shapes has 5 Kids Shapes games in it

    1. Learn Kids Shapes
    2. Kids Shapes Learn Memory Match
    3. Kids Shapes Learn Puzzle (Drag & Drop)
    4. Kids Shapes Learn Picture Quiz
    5. Create Pictures Learn with Shapes

    ★ Kids Learn Shapes is an interactive app which makes learning Shapes easy, simple and fun which helps kids learn faster.

    ★ Kids learn very quickly through play. Kids Learn Shapes is an interactive, simple, fun, educational game through which your child can develop hand-eye coordination and observation skills.

    ★ When your kids explores different shapes, they are using one of the most basic educational processes- the observation of same and different. This concept provides them with a basic process that they will be able to use in observing, comparing and discussing all they see and encounter.

    ★ Features of the game-
    ✔ It enables your child to identify, differentiate and get familiarized with Shapes and their spellings.
    ✔ It will help develop your child’s hand-eye coordination and observation skills.
    ✔ It will help in improvement of your child’s memory.
    ✔ It is a simple and fun learning game.

    ★ What does the game offer?
    ✔ Learn, Practice and Test yourself.
    ✔ Learn and Practice the Shapes Circle, Diamond, Hexagon, Octagon, Oval, Parallelogram, Pentagon, Square, Star, Trapezoid and Triangle.
    ✔ Learn through “Learn Kids Shapes ”
    - Study Basic Geometric Shapes and get familiar with sounds and spellings of Shapes.
    ✔ Practice through “ Kids Shapes Memory Match” and “ Kids Shapes Puzzle (Drag & Drop)”
    - Test your memory by matching the Shapes.
    - It requires observation and concentration.
    - Tap, Drag & Drop the Shapes in their correct slots in ‘ Kids Shapes Puzzle ’.
    ✔ Test yourself through “ Kids Shapes Picture Quiz ” and “Create Pictures with Shapes ”.
    - Choose the spelling that matches the Shape in ‘Kids Shapes Picture Quiz’.
    - Have fun while creating a picture in ‘Create Pictures with Shapes’.

    ★ How to play?
    1. Learn Kids Shapes
    - Study the Shapes.
    - Tap a Shape to see it pop on the board and know how it sounds and learn how to spell it.
    2. Kids Shapes Memory Match
    - Tap on a tile to turn it over and reveal a Shape. Then tap on the second tile, trying to find the matching Shape. If the images match, the tiles are removed from the board. Try to see how few taps you need to remove all of the tiles.
    3. Kids Shapes Puzzle (Drag & Drop)
    - Select a Shape and tap, drag and drop it on its particular block.
    - If it is correct it will stay there or else it will go back to its original position.
    4. Kids Shapes Picture Quiz
    - Guess the correct spelling of the Shape shown.
    5. Create Pictures with Shapes
    - Create pictures with shapes by tapping the shapes as suggested.
    - See the shapes forming colorful pictures.

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    ★ We at UPUP are trying to do the same – Make your child enjoy learning.

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