Lullaby “Sleep, My Dear”




    The famous lullaby by W. A. Mozart, for a few centuries helping children from all over the world to get asleep.

    Wonderful music, well known to everyone since childhood, beautiful illustrations and slumberous animation are creating comfortable atmosphere. Together with nice sleepy characters, it’ll be easy for a child to calm down and fall asleep. You can listen to the lullaby like a song while Mum and Dad may try to sing it in Karaoke mode. It’s so great to fall asleep to the native voice!

    • The famous lullaby by W.A. Mozart

    • Beautiful illustrations 

    • Slumberous animation
    • Soft sincere performance

    • Professional arrangement of musical composition 

    • Comfortable Karaoke mode

    The lullaby “Sleep, My Dear, Fall Asleep...” will certainly become your real help — now it’ll be much more easier to get your child asleep!

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