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    Math for kids is a great game where you can test your intelligence.
    This is a logic game where some knowledge about mathematics and algebra are required.
    Also you can train your brain and increase IQ playing and trying to solve each level.
    This game was created for children of all ages but it is interesting and fun for everyone.

    The game is simple. You will have some objects (balls, animals, fruits, etc.) descending from the heaviest to the lightest.
    There will be some rules to help you find this order. This is where your brain will be required.
    The rules are of two types: the first one is based on a comparison. Some objects are smaller or equal or greater than other objects.
    The second one is an equality. A list of objects will be equal to a quantity.

    This game is not time depended. There will be a maximum number of moves to solve each level.

    There are seven seasons available. Each season have a different degree of difficulty of math equations. Your brain will love all of them.

    The first season is where you have to order some balls based on your knowledge of logics and mathematics.
    Nothing to do with reality so the tennis ball will not be always lighter than the basketball ball.
    There are six types of balls: soccer ball, basketball ball, tennis ball, football ball, pool ball and volley ball.
    Each of these balls can be heavier than the other balls.
    The season with balls is great for kids to test their intelligence and some math skills.

    The second season is about fruits. Same type of math equations. Here it starts to get complicated. Kids with great IQ level can solve these exercises.
    You will have to order these types of fruits: apple, kiwi, grapes, orange, strawberry or melon.
    Each one of these fruits could be heavier than another one.
    The equations with fruits are of type: equal, greater than or smaller than. So it will be only equations with comparison between fruits.

    In the third season you must arrange vegetables. These are great exercises for everybody. Maybe too complicated for kids or children.
    But the vegetables season could really test your IQ and train your brain. The equations with vegetables are getting very complicated.
    There are of course six types of vegetables: tomato, onion, broccoli, capsicum, eggplant, and pumpkin. And also the weights of these vegetables are not as in real life.
    This is important so kids or children do not misunderstand the logic and mathematics behind this.

    The fourth season is with animals. This is nice for children of all ages. The kids will for sure love it. Nice graphics with animals are available as in all the other seasons.
    Great to test the skills in mathematics of your kids, their intelligence and IQ.
    In this exercises there are six types of animals: elephants, hippopotamus, pigs, owls, penguins, zebras.
    Here you will have a type of scale where a quantity is available. So other math skills are required. So from these exercises you can find out a value that is the weight of the animals.
    With this weight you can than order the animals and finish the level. For this you need some basics of mathematics and algebra. It is like you gave three equations with three variables.
    Or five equations with five variables and so on.
    The fifth season is with gems. Also here it will appear some weights that are a constant value that you have to use in your equations.
    The sixth season is also with animals and the only difference is that all values are with high numbers. So the calculation is somehow more difficult.
    The seventh season is with fishes. Here you will have divisions.

    So train your brain in seven seasons with 25 levels each.
    Graphics are nice and fun and children will love it.
    Test your IQ and get 3 stars on each level.

    Please send feedbacks for improvements and bug fixing to improve this board game.

    This game is playable on all resolutions and we recommend it on any devices.
    Have fun!

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